How Commercial Kitchens Can eal with Municipal Mandates

There are an increasing number of municipalities that are banning commercial kitchens from utilizing Commercial Garbage Disposal systems. The reason for the new ordinances and mandates is that food particles and debris ends up in the sewer system, which causes clogs, backups, and problems for waste treatment plants, and the local water supply. The disposal grinds food up into small pieces, but that still causes problems. A Commercial Garbage Disposal Jammed, for example, is pumped out, and the food particles are usually just forced down the drain with hot water and pressure. Any type of Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair also often results in larger pieces of food entering the drain and proceeding through the town sewer system.

There are a few ways commercial kitchens, bars, cafeterias, and school systems can deal with the new mandates. One is to designate a separate food preparation area that does not involve the sink. Another is to place a fine strainer into a utility sink drain to catch all food particles and remove them manually from the sink. A third way is to invest in a cost-effective Commercial Garbage Disposal Jammed Alternative. The total cost of the alternative is less than the cost of one garbage disposal repair, so it may be wise to get one, even if the municipality has not yet issued a new mandate. Food particles are stopped from going into the drain by a catch tray. Water goes down the drain quickly, but food does not. When the tray is full, simply empty it into the waste basket, or a compost pile.

The alternative has several attractive features that ensure the garbage disposal will not be missed. One feature is that it requires no electricity to operate. That means no operating costs. There are no moving parts that can wear down, and no blades that can become dull. The results are no expensive repair bills. There are no filters to replace, no chemicals or micro-organisms needed to break down food particles, and no clogs to cause down time or delays.

There are four different models from which to choose, all of which are easy to install. Installation can be done by owners with the detailed instructions included, or owners can hire a plumber, if they prefer. Models can accommodate any sized sink opening. Adjustable legs suit any sink height, and flanged feet can be bolted to the floor to provide additional stability. There is no need to spend time and money on costly repairs or replacements, and compliance with ma dates is simple and cost-effective.